Dirty Water

The simple but effective Roto Rainer launched the Briggs brand in the UK over 25 years ago. With many thousands in use around the globe this robust and reliable self travelling dirty water irrigator remains a favourite on many livestock farms and is now available in several versions and as a complete system with the addition of a dedicated pumpset.

While the Roto Rainer is the first choice for safe, low cost and low volume dispersal of dirty water, the demand for higher output solutions has led to the development of specially modified irrigation booms, fitted with splash plates. Low operating pressure produces large droplets to prevent atomisation and keep drift and smell to a minimum.

Coupled to a Briggs hydraulic powered hosereel, the boom operates at relatively high speeds of up to 200 metres per hour. Application rates can therefore be as low as 2-3 mm.

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Dirty water products